Welcome to the Australian website for the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP). Here you will find information about the ISGP and the seminars it offers for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as application forms and participant reflections.

ISGP Seminar for University Students

Further information about the ISGP Seminar for University Students can be found here.

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ISGP Seminar for University Graduates

Details regarding the Graduate Seminar can be found here.

Applications for the 2020 Graduate Seminar can be accessed here.

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Contact Details

Seminars for Undergraduate Students

Sydney: isgp.north@sea.bahai.org.au

Melbourne: isgp.south@sea.bahai.org.au

Perth: isgp@wca.bahai.org.au

Brisbane: isgp@qld.bahai.org.au

Seminar for University Graduates and Young Professionals

Regional Coordination for Australia: isgp@bahai.org.au

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