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Participant Reflections

“I feel empowered to become more conscious of the assumptions and processes that underlie my degree. I feel empowered to consciously investigate what I learn with a more observant eye. Also, I think I will look into ways that I can shape my education path so as to ensure that I am putting into practice […]

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SEE-Change Field Trip

In July 2011, the field trip for Year 1 consisted of visiting the community organisation SEE-change in order to experience a local example of a social and economic development process. SEE-Change stands for Society, Economy, and the Environment and is committed to promoting an integrated approach to addressing challenges in any one of these areas. […]

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ANU Field Trip

In addition to going to CSIRO, in July 2011, the Year 3 group carried out a group project in the grounds on the Australian National University (ANU) where the participants were tasked with developing a systematic and rigorous approach to exploring concepts around their study of material means with people on campus. The project at […]

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