Seminar for University Graduates and Young Professionals

Many of the efforts made by Bahá’ís to contribute to the advancement of civilization fall into three broad areas of endeavor: the expansion and consolidation of the Bahá’í community, social action, and participation in the discourses of society. The purpose of this seminar is to create an intensive learning environment within which university graduates can explore how, as individuals or through collaborative efforts, they can exercise initiative in the latter of these three areas of endeavour: participation in the discourses of society.

It aims to assist young adults to develop the capacity to examine and analyze society and the forces acting upon it, and to introduce relevant aspects of the Bahá’í Teachings both in their academic and professionals fields and in other social spaces in which they are present. To this end, the seminar draws on the current understanding of the conceptual framework that guides all Baha’i endeavour, as well as experience gained in the expansion and consolidation of the Faith, to consider an initial approach to participation in their fields and relevant social discourses. Participants will explore in depth some core concepts from the Baha’i Teachings and their implications for their academic and professionals fields, and other social spaces in which they engage. Finally, participants will study written experience related to particular discourses and the frameworks being elaborated in relation to them.

The need to develop more coherence within and among different areas of endeavor was alluded to by the Universal House of Justice when it stated, in its Riḍván 2008 message:

As you continue to labour in your clusters, you will be drawn further and further into the life of the society around you and will be challenged to extend the process of systematic learning in which you are engaged to encompass a growing range of human endeavours. In the approaches you take, the methods you adopt, and the instruments you employ, you will need to achieve the same degree of coherence that characterizes the pattern of growth presently under way.

This seminar is being offered in response to this need. It is open to young adults who have completed undergraduate degrees in diverse fields of study and are considering graduate studies, are part way through their graduate studies, are in the earliest stages of their careers or are engaged in other forms of service to humanity.

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